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No collection is too large or too small.  Click here to Contact us if you are selling your collection, or individual knife or Japanese sword.  We are looking for:



ANTIQUE JAPANESE SAMURAI SWORDS--World War 2 Army shin-gunto, Naval kai-gunto, Russo-Japanese kyu-gunto, Samurai nihonto katana, wakizashi, tanto, yari spearpoints, naginata, armor, arrowpoints, tsuba, fuchi/kashira fittings, kozuka, kogatana, menuki, reference books, etc.

WORLD WAR I, WORLD WAR II, & VIETNAM FIGHTING KNIVES--Richtig (F.J.R. Clarkson, Neb.), Nichols (with/without the buffalo nickel), Case XX V42, Australian, U.S. M3, U.S. Mark 2, Western parachutist, knuckle knives, Theater knives, L. Baker, Marine Raider stiletto, British Fairbairn-Sykes (F/S) Commando, M.H. Cole, V44, John Ek--Hamden Conn., Everitt, German trench daggers, Robbins Dudley daggers, OSS stiletto, OSS Smatchet, Herder, Taylor Huff (Fort Knox), Kennedy Arms, Moore/Mpls., Randall fighting, Langbien, Marbles, William Messenger, Murphy Combat, Ben Rocklin sticker, C.P. Shipley--Kansas City, Stelzig Saddlery Co.--Houston Texas, San Antonio Iron Works, Patton sword knives, Anderson, Knife-Crafters, E. Warther, Woroniecki, Van Adestine (Van Adestin), deep sea Dive knives, Parsons, Gerber Mark II, SOG, and many others. 

VINTAGE HUNTING KNIVES--W. Scagel, Morseth, Moran, W.L. Marbles, Marbles Safety Axe Co., M.S.A., Richtig, R.W. Bob Loveless, Randall, German hunting daggers, Ruana, Wostenholm/IXL Sheffield Bowie, Gerber, William Rogers, Buck, etc. 

MODERN FOLDERS--from the 1970's, '80s, '90s, & 2000's.  Al Mar, Spyderco, Emerson, Benchmade, Pacific Cutlery, William Henry, Cold Steel, etc. 

FIXED BLADE TACTICAL KNIVES--Treeman, Busse, Al Mar, SOG, Cold Steel, and many others.

CUSTOM KNIVES--Bob Kramer chef knives, William Scagel, Ruana, Jimmy Lile, Cooper, Fischer, etc.

MILITARY COLLECTIBLES--binoculars, uniforms, flags, communications equipment, medals, presentation pieces, etc.