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Japanese Samurai Swords

St. Croix Blades BUYS JAPANESE SAMURAI SWORDS and fittings.  We buy entire collections, and individual Japanese swords and fittings.  Contact us to inquire about selling your sword(s), armor, or fitting(s). 


Of equal interest to us are the following--please contact us if you have these items to sell:

  • Naval Dirks
  • Samurai Armor
  • Yari (spear points) -- spearpoints or entire poles.
  • Naginata pole arms
  • Katana
  • Arrowpoints and arrows
  • Tanto
  • Tsuba
  • Menuki
  • Fuchi/Kashira
  • WW2 Shin-gunto Army swords
  • Naval Kai-gunto Swords
  • Russo-Japanese War Swords
  • Japanese Bayonets
  • Cloisonne Vases
  • Japanese mixed metal Boxes
  • Woodblock prints
  • Japanese World War II field gear--helmets, binoculars, uniforms, firearms, etc.
  • Sword books
  • Naval and Army flags--large sizes preferred