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About Us

Thanks for visiting St. Croix Blades!  You will find St. Croix Blades to be an awesome place to build your collection, locate a rare knife or sword, or to research items in your collection!

My name is Matthew Brice.  Many of you have known me from buying from my eBay Store.  I have 100% feedback on eBay with over 10,000 buyers leaving positive feedback comments.  I started buying and selling knives in 2004, which eventually evolved into a business.  Some years later, I added antique Japanese samurai swords.  

In 2014 I launched the 'St. Croix Blades' site.  I started this website for collectors that enjoy purchasing regularly from someone they can trust, for those collectors that don't buy on eBay, and for those who aren't comfortable making purchases online.  For those collectors who regularly make purchases online, any item on St. Croix Blades can be added to your shopping cart and paid for on the site.  And for those that aren't comfortable paying for items online, any item can be purchased directly from me over the phone by calling 715-557-1688.


At St. Croix Blades, you will have a transparent buying experience.  Each item for sale will have a detailed condition description, as well as 6-8 (or more) excellent photos.  We stand by our item and condition descriptions.  We allow a 3-day inspection period for purchases--any item you are not satisfied with may be returned in the same condition it was shipped to you in, within 3 days of receiving it, for a refund of your purchase price.

We sell rare WW1, WW2, & Vietnam fighting knives; vintage hunting knives; antique pocket knives; modern folders; fixed blade tactical knives; Custom knives; and antique Japanese swords.  You will also find military collectibles for sale here. 


WE BUY KNIFE & SWORD COLLECTIONS--no collection is too large or too small.  Contact us if you are selling your collection, or individual knife or Japanese sword.  We are looking for:

  • World War I, World War II, & Vietnam fighting knives--Richtig (F.J.R. Clarkson, Neb.), Nichols (with/without the buffalo nickel), Case XX V42, Australian, U.S. M3, U.S. Mark 2, Western parachutist, knuckle knives, Theater knives, L. Baker, Marine Raider stiletto, British Fairbairn-Sykes (F/S) Commando, M.H. Cole, V44, John Ek--Hamden Conn., Everitt, German trench daggers, Robbins Dudley daggers, OSS stiletto, OSS Smatchet, Herder, Taylor Huff (Fort Knox), Kennedy Arms, Moore/Mpls., Randall fighting, Langbien, Marbles, William Messenger, Murphy Combat, Ben Rocklin sticker, C.P. Shipley--Kansas City, Stelzig Saddlery Co.--Houston Texas, San Antonio Iron Works, Patton sword knives, Anderson, Knife-Crafters, E. Warther, Woroniecki, Van Adestine (Van Adestin), deep sea Dive knives, Parsons, Gerber Mark II, SOG, and many others. 
  • Vintage hunting knives--W. Scagel, Morseth, Moran, W.L. Marbles, Marbles Safety Axe Co., M.S.A., Richtig, R.W. Bob Loveless, Randall, German hunting daggers, Ruana, Wostenholm/IXL Sheffield Bowie, Gerber, William Rogers, Buck, etc. 
  • Modern folders--from the 1970's, '80s, '90s, & 2000's.  Al Mar, Spyderco, Emerson, Benchmade, Pacific Cutlery, William Henry, Cold Steel, etc. 
  • Fixed blade Tactical knives--Treeman, Busse, Al Mar, SOG, Cold Steel, and many others.
  • Custom knives--Bob Kramer chef knives, William Scagel, Ruana, Jimmy Lile, Cooper, Fischer, etc.
  • Antique Japanese Swords--World War 2 Army shin-gunto, Naval kai-gunto, Russo-Japanese kyu-gunto, Samurai nihonto katana, wakizashi, tanto, yari spearpoints, naginata, armor, arrowpoints, tsuba, fuchi/kashira fittings, kozuka, kogatana, menuki, reference books, etc.
  • Military collectibles--binoculars, uniforms, flags, communications equipment, medals, presentation pieces, etc.


Enjoy shopping!