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WW2 Japanese Army Officer Samurai Sword/Old WW II Shin-gunto -4TH SEAT KANEYOSHI

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1 antique World War II Japanese Samurai Army Officer's shin-gunto sword available.  This maker of this sword, Kaneyoshi, was awarded 4th Seat at the 1941 Japanese Sword Exhibition.  This sword would make an important addition to any collection. 


The blade measures 26 1/8" (66.4 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine.  There is a showa stamp above the signature. 


This sword has a desirable wavy temper line/hamon.  


This sword has a higher grade pierced tsuba.  Additionally, the saya has the high grade spatter-lacquer finish.  

The blade has barely an occasional carbon finish stain.  There are no nicks in the blade. The blade is perfectly straight.  The mounts are in nearly perfect condition.  The same (rayskin) on the tsuka/handle is dry after 75 years--as often happens, it has split apart in one spot--note though that this is unimportant.  With WW2 Japanese swords, and accounting for the time that has passed since the War, there are significant and insignificant conditions.  This is an insignificant condition.  The saya has nearly 100% of its original lacquer.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan
Item Army Officer Katana

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