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WW II Japanese Army Officer KOA ISSHIN MANTETSU Samurai Sword -Katana Antique/WW2

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1 vintage Koa Isshin Mantetsu WW2 Japanese Army Officer's sword available.  This Japanese Mantetsu sword would make an important addition to any collection.

This sword is signed 'KOA ISSHIN  MANTETSU SAKU'--meaning 'Develop Asia by One Mind   Mantetsu respectfully made this'.  The reverse side of the nakago is dated.  The spine of the nakago is also marked.  This fine sword measures 26 5/16" (66.8 cm) (measured properly from the blade tip to the notch in the blade spine). 

The fittings on this sword have a wonderful, reddish patina. 

This vintage World War II Japanese Mantetsu sword is in excellent condition.  The boshi is nicely visible on both sides of the kissaki (blade tip section).  The blade edge is nearly perfect with barely an occasional 'flea bite'-sized nick.  The blade looks great.  Only when holding the blade, at a certain angle, under light can one see an occasional finish/surface change from past occasional light patina (the flash used when photographing to bring out the hamon makes these surface spots look pronounced, but under normal lighting, the blade is shown to be in nice original Japanese polish and these little spots do not show).  The blade is perfectly straight.  The handle and fittings are in exceptional condition.  The sword locks tightly into the saya/scabbard, and functions perfectly. 

The listing represents the unique opportunity to add a highly collectible Koa Isshin Mantetsu katana, with wonderful deep patina fittings, to your collection.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan

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