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WW2 US Camillus USMC Marine Raider Stiletto Knife -2nd Marines WWII * ID’d *

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1 WW2 Camillus Marine Raider stiletto fighting knife available.  This knife is an important part of American history, and would make a rare addition to any collection.  


This knife was carried by a member of Carlson's Raiders.  In fact, not just any Raider--this knife was carried by H.B. Brown.  He stenciled his name on the back of the sheath, and also wrote his initials 'H.B.B.'.  


This Marine Raider stiletto measures 12 5/16" overall.  The blade itself measures 7 1/8".  See page 86 of Mike Silvey's book Knives of the United States Military -- World War II for a photo of the Raider stiletto.


This Raider knife has clear blade etches. 

This knife has experienced the usually seen deterioration of its handle.  This knife has high collectible value however--the perfect blade edges and ID'd sheath make it desirable.  Too, some collectors who have an extensive collection like to have a knife in their collection like this that they can show/compare what happens to the Marine Raider stiletto's handle over time. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country United States

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