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WW2 OSS Stiletto -WW II Military Fighting Knife/Collection SILVEY BOOK KNIFE!

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1 highly collectible M.W. Silvey book knife available.  This is the actual knife pictured in Mike Silvey's book Knives of the United States Military--World War II.  This WW2 OSS stiletto would make an important addition to any collection. 

As mentioned above, this knife is the knife photographed for page 144 of Silvey's WW2 book.  Note the same exact color variations in the handle in the book photo and my photos.  Note too the same mark(s) on the sheath.  

This knife has one Rockwell test mark on one side of the blade.  The other side of the blade has three Rockwell test marks.  As mentioned in Silvey's letter, the rubber o-ring was deteriorated.  In the 16 years since Mike's letter, the rubber o-ring deteriorated further to the point of it coming off completely.  They always were just a rubber o-ring anyway, so most collectors just go to their hardware store to get one to replace it.  

This desirable World War 2 OSS Stiletto is in exactly the condition as pictured in the book.  This knife and sheath are in mint condition.  

This rare Silvey book knife would make an invaluable addition to any collection. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country United States
Item OSS Stiletto
Premium feature Actual Knife Photographed for Mike Silvey's WW2 Military Knives Book

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