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WW2 Army Officer Sword -OLD FAMILY BLADE 1615-1624 AD -Antique PAPERED

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This is a papered sword--always nice to have a few papered swords in the collection.  This sword was made by Yoshinobu between 1615 and 1624 A.D.  This sword was carried by Samurai and then remounted for carry by an Army Officer during World War 2. 

This sword has a silver Samurai family mon.  The temper line on this sword is very beautiful.  

The original Shinsa worksheet is also included with this papered sword.  

Of special interest on this sword--when the sword was shortened, the original signature was inlayed onto the shortened nakago.  Most collectors and dealers will note that most inlayed signatures occur on very nice swords.  

The mounts on this sword are in exceptional condition.  The blade has a three nicks, and some occasional shallow surface pitting.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period 1615 A.D. thru World War 2
Country Japan
Item IJA Army Officer Sword

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