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WW1 era German Bavarian Prussian WK&C Short Sword -WKC -RARE -In Treue Fest -th

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1 hard to find German (Bavarian or Prussian) WW1 or earlier short sword available.  The collector who I bought this from said it was a border patrol or border customs sword.  This early short sword would make an important addition to any collection.

This short sword was made by W.K.&C.  It has its original portopee—which is in fine condition.  

The blade is etched ‘In Treue Fest’ (In Faithfulness).  

This sword measures 28 1/2” overall.  

This early German short sword is in fine condition.  The blade etches are quite perfect.  The blade tip has some plating loss.  The handle and guard are perfectly tight.  The scabbard frog leather has some crazing from age.  The portopee is perfect.  

The sword will not seat all the way down into the scabbard.  I haven’t tried to address it since I don’t tinker we don’t tinker with items.  I’m sure a collector knows how to address the issue.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Maker WK&C
Country Germany

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