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US Pacific Theater 1918 Knuckle Knife w/Japanese Samurai Sword Blade -Au Lion -SO COOL

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1 U.S. World War 2 Pacific Theater Au Lion 1918 Mk1 knuckle knife--with a blade from a Japanese Samurai sword.  This G.I.-made 1918 would make a one of a kind addition to any premium collection.  

A United States G.I. took an Au Lion 1918 knuckle knife, and replaced the blade with the tip of a captured Japanese Samurai sword.  The blade on this knife measures 7 7/8".  The G.I. ground off one side of the guard so the knife would lie flat against his side (a common thing done by U.S. soldiers who carried 1918's).  


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This one of a kind G.I.-made 1918 knuckle knife is in excellent condition.  



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Period World War 2
Country United States

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