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SAMURAI MON Antique Japanese SUKASHI Katana Sword TSUBA -Old Guard

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1 antique Japanese Sukashi (pierced) tsuba for a Japanese katana or wakizashi available.  This fine iron tsuba would make an important addition to any collection, and will also look incredible mounted. 

This thin tsuba is decorated with Samurai family mon.  Traces of a thin 3-line border can be seen along the outer edge of this tsuba. 

This iron tsuba measures 3.0625" inches (78 mm) by 2.9375" (75 mm).  This tsuba is just 1/8" thick (3.2 mm).  The blade opening of this tsuba measures 1 3/32" (28 mm) by 5/16" (8 mm).

This fine antique Japanese sword tsuba is in excellent condition.  There are occasional areas of red rust--choji oil and a piece of antler will clean up this tsuba nicely. 


St. Croix Blades BUYS ESTATE & PERSONAL COLLECTIONS OF JAPANESE SWORD TSUBA.  Call me at 715-557-1688, or email me at to inquire about selling your collection.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period 17th-19th Century
Country Japan
Item Sword Tsuba (guard)
Type Samurai

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