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RARE SAME MAKER!—US WW II THEATER Trench Fighting Knife Collection/WW2 Grouping

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1 set of 4 U.S. WW2 theater knives by the same maker! available.  This rare set of 4 matching theater knives would make an important addition to any collection.

Theater knives are fighting knives made by soldiers in the field, or by craftsman here at home for soldiers.  Knives made by soldiers were often made with materials that were readily available to them--like plexiglass spacers made from enemy aircraft windshields, aluminum, brass, leather, and blades or handles from Issue fighting knives.

It is so very unusual to find theater knives made by the same guy--literally, if you look through 1,000 theater knives, they will have been made by 1,000 different guys. 

These knives are recognizable as being by the same maker for a couple of traits.  First and foremost, note the shape of the pommel--same shape on each knife.  Second, note the brass spacers alternating with colored bakelite. 

Each blade is unique--one has the blade from a bayonet.  A second has a sticker blade shape.  The third knife has a long Bowie shape.  The last knife has saw teeth.  The knives vary in length from 11 5/16" overall down to 16 7/8" overall.

Each knife is in exceptional condition

This U.S. WW2 theater fighting knife set deserves a home in a premium collection.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country United States
Type Theater Fighting Knives

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