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Among the best Robeson USMC Mark 2's to be found.  This Robeson USMC knife would make a rare addition to any collection.  

This knife has its correct black stitching sheath, with the correct zigzag pattern snap.  The pommel weld was reinforced during the War--perhaps even before it left the Robeson factory.  Early in the War, Robeson and other makers just had a circular-shaped spot weld in the middle of the pommel.  As feedback came in from the field on Mark 2's with this weld, it was learned that the pommels would rotate and become loose.  For those that say, 'oh that's now how they looked coming out of the factory'.  That's right, but instead of discarding a functional and beautiful fighting knife, the weld was fixed--and like we mentioned, possibly even at the Robeson factory on a later batch of the circular-welded knives after feedback from the field reached the War Department.   

The blued blade measures 7".  This knife measures 11 3/4" overall.  


This Robeson USMC fighting knife is in exceptional condition.  The blade has 96% bluing.  The blade has its original factory edge.  And the original factory grind lines are visible on the blade.  


Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country United States

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