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PAPERED GENDAI—YOSHICHIKA—Japanese WW2 Army Officer Samurai Sword -Old/Antique

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1 premium World War II Japanese Army Officer's gendaito samurai sword available.  This is an early War sword--this katana was made in 1935.  This sword was made by Yoshichika.  Yoshichika made swords for the Japanese Imperial Guard.  See page 196 in Slough's book.  Minamoto Yoshichika has a 1.5 million yen rating in Slough's book.


This sword has a long blade.  The blade measures 27 7/8" (70.8 cm), as measured from the blade tip to the bottom of the notch in the mune (spine). This sword has a fine, complex temper line.

This sword is mounted in high quality, early World War II Shin-gunto military mountings.  This sword was carried by an important Army Officer--not just any Officer could get away with have their Samurai Clan mon affixed over the regulation Army menuki. 

The saya/scabbard is the metal-type with a fine, early War red/brown finish.  The fittings--seppa, tsuba, etc.--have matching assembly numbers. 

This fine Yoshichika Army Officer's katana is papered.  Not many WW2 era gendai swords are papered--this Yoshichika sword is a cut above.

This antique Yoshichika Japanese Samurai katana is exceptional.  There are no nicks in the blade.  There is barely only a very occasional spot of minor, insignificant surface finish change on the blade surface.  The blade is perfectly straight.  The hamon is exceptional--a testament to the smith's high skill level. 

The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy.  This sword is guaranteed against fatal flaws. 

This rare premium mounts, papered WW2 Army Officer's katana, by the Imperial Guard swordsmith Yoshichika, would make an important addition to any antique edged weapons collection. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Country Japan
Item Army Officer's Katana
Type Samurai
Period ca.1935
Maker Yoshichika (see Imperial Guard)

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