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1 vintage U.S. World War II OSS stiletto fighting knife.  This historic OSS stiletto would make an important addition to any collection.


The knife measures 11 5/8" overall.  The blade itself measures just under 6 3/4".  The blade has one Rockwell test mark.  The original black rubber scabbard o-ring always breaks down over time.  Many collectors replace the black rubber o-ring with one from a hardware store.  The original o-ring was exactly that--a standard black rubber o-ring, plain and simple.  


Mike Silvey's book Knives of the United States Military World War II features this knife.  M.H. Cole's The Best of U.S. Military Knives also covers this knife.  In addition, Frank Trzaska's article "The O.S.S. Stiletto" published in Knife World Magazine's Military Knives--a Reference Book discusses this knife as well.  


The LF&C pancake flipper scabbard for this knife is in premium condition. 


This OSS stiletto has both rare condition, AND it was actually carried—note that unlike most OSS stilettos in this condition with a mint blade (the were never carried) the top of the pancake flipper sheath had a belt woven through it. 

This original U.S. World War 2 OSS stiletto is in rare condition.  The blade has 100% of its original blued finish.  The pommel is in its original condition, and has never been messed with.


The LF & C pancake flipper scabbard is in exceptional condition.  The paint is 98%.  The leather is perfect.  All parts of the scabbard are nice and tight. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country United States

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