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OKISSAKI—WW2 Japanese Army Officer Samurai Sword/OLD FAMILY BLD/Antique/1688 AD

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1 antique World War II Japanese samurai army officer's sword available.  The sword blade itself is an old family blade.  The blade on this WW2 Officer's sword was made between 1688 and 1704 A.D.  This sword was carried centuries ago by true Samurai.  This sword would make an important addition to any collection.

The tang is signed with the swordsmith's name, 'Kuniyuki'.  The signature was verified by the NTHK in 2012.  This sword is papered. 


All military fittings are of excellent quality.  Note the premium spatter-lacquer finish on the saya/scabbard.  This sword also has a higher quality pierced tsuba.  All fittings have matching assembly numbers

The blade measures 21 1/8" (53.7 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine.  This fine sword has a suguha/straight temper line.  Note the long kissaki (blade tip).  The kissaki measures a long 2 3/16" (5.6 cm).  

This sword has a hard-to-find blade shape--shinogi-zukuri.  The shinogi-ji changes/tapers in 13 7/8" (35.2 cm) back from the blade tip.

This antique Japanese WW2 Army Officer's sword, with its 17th century Samurai blade, is in polish.  The blade is perfectly straight with no bends.  There is not a single opening/ware in the blade.  The blade is perfect.  The tsuka wrap is in perfect condition.  The saya is in almost perfect condition with only a few white paint spots from a vet doing some interior painting without moving the sword out of a corner.  The blade locks snaps into the saya perfectly.  This sword is, of course, guaranteed against fatal flaws of any kind. 

This papered WW2 Japanese Army Officer's sword, with its 17th century Samurai blade, would make a very fine addition to any collection. 

This sword cannot be shipped to mainland Russia, China, or Taiwan.   These countries' Customs services will not allow the import of swords. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Period 1688 A.D. thru World War II
Country Japan
Type WWII Army Officer Sword
Blade 17th Century Samurai -- 1688-1704 A.D.
Maker Kuniyuki
Premium feature Shinogi-zukuri blade shape

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