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Kasama SHIGETSUGU Gendaito Sword -HORIMONO -Antique Japanese Katana -Old Samurai

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1 antique Japanese katana available.  This sword is signed 'Amahide', is stamped with a kokuin, and is dated 1820.  The 2.5 Million Yen swordsmith, Kasama SHIGETSUGU, actually made this katana.  Upon conferring with one the top gendaito experts in the United States, it is our opinion that this sword was made by Shigetsugu--this opinion can either be proven or disproven by submitting this sword to shinsa.  Shigetsugu is known to have made many gimei swords of master smiths--like Amahide (actually Masahide, but late in life Masahide gave his smith name Amahide to his grandson).  Swords made by the master swordsmith Kasama Shigetsugu are quite valuable.  


On page 160 of John Slough's book, Shigetsugu's work is described as follows:

"Shigetsugu was a master at horimono, and there are many swords with superb examples of his work.  He was skilled at producing the Bizen style of choji midare, and also a slightly slanted saka gunome choji."


This sword's nagasa is 27 5/16 inches (69.4 cm).  The horimono on this sword is among the best work I have ever seen.  

The skill level of Shigetsugu is proven in this sword.  The forging work is superior.  

This sword is in a fairly good state of polish.  There are five small spots of light superficial oxidation--they will come off without the need for a polish.  Other than those few light spots, it looks like the very tip of the kissaki got nicked, and someone started to remove it.  A polisher will need to finish polishing the kissaki.  There are no other nicks in the blade.  There are no ware/weld openings of any kind.  And the hamon and boshi are perfect.  The decorative bone inserts that trim the outside of the horn mekugi are missing--a simple fix.  

This offering provides the rare opportunity to purchase a master work by Kasama SHIGETSUGU.  

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Country Japan
Item Japanese Katana

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