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Japanese WWII Suicide Tanto -Old/Antique Harakiri Kamikaze Dagger -WWII WW2 Army

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1 antique Japanese WW2 Army suicide tanto available.  This Imperial Japanese Army tanto sword would make an important addition to any collection.

Japanese officers were allowed to carry katanas during World War 2.  Enlisted were not allowed to—many of these men carried a tanto sword like this one in their packs to invoke the spirit of the Samurai--or to commit harakiri with in the event of defeat on the battlefield.

The unsigned blade measures 7 3/16”.  This larger tanto measures 12 1/4” overall with its saya/scabbard.  This tanto has a nice oil-tempered hamon, bohi (blade grooves), and bonji (sanscrit character) horimono.

This fine tanto is in beautiful condition.  The blade has no nicks.  There is carbon staining on the blade--expected in an 80 year old blade.  The temper line and boshi (tempered turnback just back from the blade tip) are perfectly healthy.  The koshirae/mounts are in excellent condition.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan

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