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Japanese WWII Navy Pocket Knife -WW1/WW2 IJN Naval Rope -Old Sword Collection

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1 Japanese Russo-Japanese War thru World War 2 Naval pocket/folding knife available.  This hard to find Japanese Navy knife would make an important addition to any collection.

This stag handle Japanese Navy rope knife was used by sailors to cut through thick mooring ropes.  

Two kanji are visible on the front of the handle—this should be the sailor’s name.  

This Japanese Navy pocket knife is in excellent condition.  The blade has strong snap when opening and closing.  The stag handle scales have no cracks or chips.  The original lanyard cord is still with this knife—a nice addition as most lanyard cords are missing after all these years.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period Meiji thru World War 2
Country Japan

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