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Japanese WW2 Samurai Sword -Old/Antique WW II Army BIGGEST SWORD YOU WILL EVER SEE

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large antique World War II Japanese Samurai Army Officer's sword available.  This is the biggest WW2 Army sword a collector will ever run across.  An Army Officer sword of this size is exceedingly rare.  


This sword was made by Minamoto Masauji.  This Japanese Army gendaito sword would make an important addition to any collection.


This sword is signed 'Minamoto Masauji saku kore'.  The reverse side of the nakago is dated 'November 1936'.  This is about the earliest date to be found on a shin-gunto sword.  


The blade measures 27 9/16" (70 cm)--as measured properly with a tape pulled tight from the blade tip to the bottom of the notch in the habaki.  This sword measures 43" from blade tip to the end of the handle.  The tsuka/handle on this sword is oversized--it measures 12 1/4" (50% longer than the typical regulation Army tsuka).   

This sword has an undulating, water-tempered hamon/temper line.  


The fittings have matching assembly numbers on them--all fittings are stamped '40'.  The tsuba is the large over-sized variation. 


The kashira has a Samurai family mon.  This mon is the family crest of the Shizume Samurai clan.  

This early mounts on this antique Japanese World War II Army Officer's sword are in excellent condition.  

The blade has occasional staining, a couple of tiny nail catcher edge nicks, and occasional superficial pitting.  St. Croix Blades guarantees that the blade will polish perfectly.  The hamon is perfectly healthy.  The boshi is perfectly healthy as well.  


St. Croix Blades buys Japanese swords. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan
Maker Minamoto MASAUJI
Item Army Officer's Gendaito Sword
Vintage Nov. 1936
Premium feature GIANT Army Sword/NODACHI

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