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Japanese Police Shin-Gunto Sword from the PLIMPTON Collection -PREMIUM CONDITION

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If you missed out on the swords from the John Plimpton collection when they were for sale a while back, here's a chance to buy one.  In fact, St. Croix Blades bought almost 50 of the Plimpton swords--we've just stowed them away to be listed here every so often.  



THE Japanese Police shingunto sword photographed for John Plimpton's book Swords of the Emperor - A Guide to the Identification of Imperial Japanese Swords, 1873 – 1945.

This sword would make an important addition to any Premium collection as it is most likely the, or one of the, best condition examples of the Japanese Police Shin-gunto Sword known.  

Note the Police badge on the fuchi (handle fitting).  The Japanese Police gunto is very hard to find.  

This Plimpton Collection sword is nearly mint.  (For perspective, we have only owned two other Police shin-gunto swords--and have seen another one--these swords are almost always is rough condition from heavy carry wear).  



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Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan

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