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Japanese Army Samurai Sword -STAR STAMP Type 3 GENDAI -Old WW II -WW2 Antique

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1 antique World War II Japanese Samurai Army Officer's Star Stamp gendaito sword available.  This maker of this sword, Kanetoshi, was awarded 2nd Seat at the 1941 Japanese Sword Exhibition.  This sword would make an important addition to any collection. 


This sword is signed 'Noshu Kanetoshi saku kore'.  The signature side of the nakago has a star stamp.  The blade measures 24 11/16" (62.7 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine.  Interestingly there is an arsenal stamp on the date side of the nakago. 


This sword has a super complex temper line/hamon.  Not surprising for a star stamp gendai.  Kanetoshi was a Rikugen Jumei Tosho smith.  


The saya has painted numbers on it in Japanese kanji--not sure, could be a unit number.

The blade has occasional finish scratches from cutting.  There are two nicks in the blade.  The nicks are only 20% of the width of the temper line, so they will easily polish out if the collector chooses to have this sword polished.  The blade is perfectly straight.  The mounts are in excellent condition.  The crazy beautiful hamon and boshi are in perfect condition. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan
Item Star Stamp Gendai Sword

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