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*ID’d* WW II WESTERN V44 Fighting Knife/Machete Survival Marines/V-44 WW2

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1 rare ID'd WW2 Western V-44 survival knife available.  This V-44 combat knife would make an important addition to any collection. 

This V-44 was made by Western Cutlery--the rarest of all V-44's.  The blade is stamped 'WESTERN'.  This knife measures 14 9/16" overall.  The blade itself measures 9 5/16".  This knife has a steel guard, and black composite handle.

The sheath has trench art on its front, it is stamped with some kind of Pacific region/Pacific theater tribal type design.  The vet's name is ID'd on the back 'T. FLOWERS'.  


This awesome ID'd Western V-44 is in excellent condition!  The guard is perfectly tight, the handle is perfect, and the blade has a perfect edge with no nicks.  The blade just has the staining expected in a carbon steel blade.  


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