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Frank J Richtig Spatula -Antique/Old Knife Collection -Rare -FJR CLARKSON NEB

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1 hard-to-find antique Frank J. Richtig aluminum-handle spatula available.  As mentioned in the title, a Richtig spatula is ultra rare.

This knife was made by a legend in knife-making.  Frank Richtig had a secret steel tempering process that allowed him to slice through railroad spikes and automobile leaf springs.  Frank would demonstrate this at county fairs--after slicing a railroad spike or leaf spring, he would slice through a piece of paper with the same knife.  Frank earned himself a spot in a 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' magazine in the 1930's. 

This rare Richtig spatula measures 8 1/2" overall.  The aluminum handle is marked with the 'F.J.R.  CLARKSON  NEB.' stamp.  

This is a Richtig piece that few others would have in their collection.  

This Richtig spatula is in perfect condition.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Maker Frank Richtig
Item Rare spatula

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