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Antique WWII W SCAGEL Fighting Knife -Old VL&A Chicago/Hand Made -William WW2

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1 rare original Scagel fighter knife available.  This original William Scagel knife would make an important addition to any premium collection.


This Scagel has the same wrap-around guard Louis Chow mentions in the Blade Magazine article on Scagel knives written by Mike Haskew.  The wrap-around guard and pommel are brass, and the handle is wood with three brass pins.  

This rare Scagel measures 12" overall.  The double-edged blade measures 7 1/8".  The front side of the blade is stamped 'W. SCAGEL   HANDMADE'.  The other two stamps typically found on this Scagel fighter model are still partially visible.  The partial kris stamp can be found just to the right on the 'W. SCAGEL   HANDMADE' stamp.  The reverse side of the blade has the oval and the letter 'O' partially still visible of the 'V.L.&A.  CHICAGO' stamp. 

Tip:  PRICED TO SELL QUICKLY--someone will just grab it if you don't. 


The blade has carbon staining, and was kept sharpened.  The last 1/8" of the blade tip either has the slightest of a bend--or was sharpened more on one side of the blade than the other.  It's nothing, and isn't noticed--as a dealer we just have to mention anything we see--a collector wouldn't notice.  


Specific Name Specific Value
Period 1930's through World War 2
Maker William Scagel

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