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Antique Japanese Samurai Sword with KEN HORIMONO—SUPERIOR CARVING -Old -Signed

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1 Japanese Samurai wakizashi sword with fabulous ken horimono.  

The carving on this sword isn't of the ordinary variety--work like this is done by only the very best carvers.  This ca.1846 Samurai sword would make an important addition to any collection.    

This antique Samurai wakizashi is signed on the nakago/tang:  'Kashu ju Sukehira'.   I guarantee the signature.  The reverse side of the nakago is dated February 1846.

The blade measures 19 3/8" (49.2 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine.  One side of the blade has a Japanese ken horimono as well as two bohi.  The reverse side has one deep bohi, and one thin bohi.  As mentioned, the skill demonstrated by the horimono work is exceptional.  

This sword was carried by true Samurai. 

The blade is in excellent condition.  The blade is in original Japanese polish--no polish is needed.  There are a few tiny nail-catcher type nicks.  The black lacquer saya has an occasional small mark or scratch.  

There are no openings of any kind.  The temper line/hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy

Specific Name Specific Value
Period 1846 A.D.
Country Japan
Maker Kashu ju Sukehira

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