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WW2 US Camillus USMC Marine Raider Stiletto Knife -Old -CARLSON’S RAIDERS WW II

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1 WW2 Camillus Marine Raider stiletto fighting knife available.  This knife is an important part of American history, and would make a rare addition to any collection.  This is the best condition Marine Raider stiletto we have owned.  

This knife was carried by a member of Carlson's Raiders.  

This Marine Raider stiletto measures 12 5/16" overall.  The blade itself measures 7 1/8".  See page 86 of Mike Silvey's book Knives of the United States Military -- World War II for a photo of the Raider stiletto.

This Raider knife has clear blade etches.  

This knife is in exceptional condition.  The blade is in beautiful condition with clear blade etches.  The guard has some of the usual crazing present in these Raider knives.  The sheath is almost perfect, with just the snap cover missing.  The snap still functions perfectly with just the cosmetic snap cover gone.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country United States
Knife model USMC Marine Raider Stiletto

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