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WW2 Japanese NCO Sword -Antique/Old WW II Samurai -IJA Army Katana -MATCHING

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1 vintage World War II Japanese NCO sword available.  The condition of the handle paint on this sword is among the best to be found.  In fact, it is easily in the top 5% to be found anywhere.  This WW2 Japanese NCO sword would make a fine addition to any collection.


The blade still has the cosmoline that the G.I. covered it with!  The 70-year old cosmoline is dried on.  Many collectors have removed old cosmoline before from old swords or guns.  


The sword and scabbard serial #'s match.  The sword's serial # is '84310'.  The scabbard/saya serial # is '84310' as well.  The blade measures 26 5/16" from tip to top of the habaki (habaki edge that touches the blade).  Note the arsenal stamps on the fuchi (fitting just below the tsuba/guard).

This vintage World War II Japanese sword is in amazing condition.  There are no nicks in the blade edge.  The blade is covered in dried cosmoline.  After the buyer removes the cosmoline, expect only occasional staining on the blade.  I can see that most of the blade will be perfect.  The handle paint is amazing on this sword.  The handle paint is in the top 5% of existing NCO swords.  

All of the fittings are nice and tight on this sword.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan
Item Army NCO Sword

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