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WW2 Japanese Army Sword -OLD FAMILY KOTO BLADE -Antique -Silver SAMURAI CLAN MON

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1 Japanese WWII Army Officer's sword available.  The blade was originally carried by Samurai in the 1500's A.D.  The blade was remounted in rare Silvered Army mounts for carry in World War 2.  This antique Japanese sword would make an important acquisition for any collection. 

This sword has premium koshirae/mounts.  The mounts would have been expensive the Officer who purchased them.  This sword's mounts are quite rare.  In all my years dealing in Japanese military swords, I have only owned 6 or 7 swords with these desirable blue/Silver mounts.  The handle wrap is always blue on this type of koshirae.  The fittings have a Silver wash.  

The unsigned blade measures 21 1/2" (55 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine.  

The kashira/kabutogane fitting has a Silver Samurai family mon.  The tsuba is the more desired pierced variation.  The saya is wood with a lacquered finish.  


The blade is from the 1500's A.D.  The hamon is jagged with ashi that jump all the way up to the shinoji line in places.  

The blade has scratches on staining from fingerprints.  The hamon is largely obscured, but is visible along the entire cutting edge--including the boshi.  This sword would be beautiful with a polish.  The habaki has some damage on its edges.  



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