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WW2 Japanese Army Samurai Sword -WWII IJA GENDAI -Gendaito -Old—GREAT BOHI !

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1 Japanese WWII Army Officer's gendai katana available.  This WW2 katana has two bohi blade grooves.  In the hands of a skilled Samurai or swordsman, the bohi grooves produce a terrifying whistle when the sword is wielded.  This World War 2 Japanese katana would make an important acquisition for any collection. 

This WW2 sword has a leather combat cover--indicating carry by an IJA Army Officer.  This gendai is unsigned.   

The blade measures 24 3/32" from the blade tip to the bottom of the notch in the habaki.  

This sword has a straight/suguha hamon/temper line.  

It's also super cool that the blade grooves follow through all the way down through the nakago--all the way to the end. 

The blade has only two very tiny, nail-catcher type nicks--they are hard to see, more you can feel them if you run a fingernail along the blade edge.  There are occasional minor scratches on the blade. The mounts are in nice condition.  Just the leather combat cover has wear.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan
Item Japanese Samurai Sword

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