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WW2 Case V42 Stiletto Fighting Knife -US 1st Special Service Force Dagger

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1 vintage U.S. World War 2 Case V-42 stiletto.  This V-42 is a premium example--for the most advanced collections.  

This Case V-42 has the long scabbard.  The blade on this knife measures 7 7/16"--its full original length

This knife was used by the First Special Service Force.  Frank Trzaska notes in his article "The Case V-42 Stiletto" which appeared in the April 1998 edition of KnifeWorld, that "The U.S. Special Forces (Green Berets) use the V-42 in their Distinctive Insignia, their Unit Crest and in their shoulder patch."  The Case V-42 is a coveted and classic U.S. fighting knife. 

The blade overall has almost 90% of its bluing.  There is no separation of the metal guard and leather as is often seen on V-42's.  The handle and guard are unquestionably perfect.  Everything is nice and tight on this knife.  The blade is its original length, and was never tipped. 

The scabbard is in the same condition as the knife--both are in exceptional condition.  The leather is soft with no crazing/cracking whatsoever. 


A U.S. World War 2 Case V-42 stiletto would make a rare and important addition to any collection. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country United States
Item Case V-42 Stiletto

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