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very rare South Manchuria Railroad Company World War II Japanese Samurai sword.  This South Manchuria Railway Company katana would make an important addition to any collection.

The nakago/tang is marked with a rare railroad rail symbol.  The reverse side is dated.   


This sword has a straight temper line. 


This excerpt came from those same articles, 'Some of the mantetsu blades made in the Dairen Railroad factory may bear the stamp of the Manchuria Railroad company.  These were made in the late 1930's and are considered relatively rare.'  This sword was made in 1944.  It has the Dairen stamp--with the rare railroad rail stamp beneath it.  This stamp is exceedingly rare.


The blade measures 26 3/8" (67.0 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine.


The nakago's mune/spine is stamped with a number written in Japanese. 

This vintage World War II Japanese South Manchuria Railroad sword is in good condition.  The boshi is visible on both sides of the kissaki (blade tip section).  The blade edge is excellent with no mentionable nick.  There are occasional tiny finish scratches, and some staining.  There is some light pitting on the kissaki.  This sword will polish beautifully.  The blade is perfectly straight.  The fittings are excellent.  The habaki and the lock release button are gone.  A replacement habaki can be made--let me if you want help arranging that.  



This exceedingly rare South Manchuria Railway Company sword would make an important addition to any collection.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan
Item South Manchuria Railroad Sword

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