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Water-tempered Army Gendai Sword -made with Tamahagane -WW2 w/Mon -FULL POLISH -th

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1 full polish Japanese WW2 Army Officer gendai sword--traditionally-made with Tamahagane.  

This fine gendaito was made with greater time and effort than the majority of World War 2 Japanese gendai swords.  As stated, the swordsmith made this sword using the full traditional process.  This sword was forged with tamahagane (Japanese sand steel), then water-tempered.  A beautiful complex hada is visible in the blade.  See photos for a closer look.  

This is a mumei blade.  Shinsa groups have been papering handmade gendai swords for several years now--especially swords exhibiting this level of skill.  

The blade's nagasa is 26 9/16".  

This sword has a Samurai family mon on the kabutogane, as well as a fine cherry blossom sarute.  

The mounts are quite perfect.  The blade is in full polish.  The $1000 to $3000 polish (depending on which polisher one goes with) is already paid for.  No pitting, no chips, no scratches, no rust.  




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Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan

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