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Vietnam War Randall Knife -Model 14 -RARE ID ‘INDO-CHINA 1969-1971’ -Air America

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1 U.S. Vietnam Randall special order model 14 fighting knife available.  This Vietnam Randall fighting knife would make a fine addition to any world militaria collection.

This model 14 is pretty interesting--one side of the handle is marked 'INDO-CHINA 1969-1971'.  The reverse side of the handle has what is likely the same inscription written in one of the indigenous languages of the Indo-China region.  


There are a couple of characteristics of this knife that suggest it could have been carried by an Air America flight crew member.  First, instead of the handle being inscribed just 'Vietnam 1969-1971', it says Indo-China.  The countries of Indo-China include Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar.  Air America operated covertly in Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.  A second knife characteristic is the special order feature on this model 14 of a serrated blade spine.  These serrations were common among flight crew members for cutting through the aluminum fuselage in the event of being shot down.  


This fighting knife measures 11 7/8" overall.  The blade itself measures 7 3/8".  This Randall has a riveted sheath.  Also I am told that the tie-down holes in the guard are also non-standard.  The stone was replaced with a magnesium fire starter stone.    

This knife and sheath are in excellent condition.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Period Vietnam War
Country United States

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