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USS Omaha WW II Case V42 Stiletto Fighting Knife -US WW2 Dagger/Navy Collection

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1 vintage U.S. World War 2 USS Omaha Case V-42 stiletto.  This knife would make a centerpiece knife in any collection.

Per M.H. Cole in his book The Best of U.S. Military Knives Bayonets & Machetes:

This is the special U.S. Navy V-42.  These Case V-42's were issued to members of the landing force on the U.S. light cruiser, USS Omaha.  U.S.M.C. Stiletto Type 3 scabbards were issued with these V-42's by CASE.  All leather scabbards were stamped with a set of identifying numbers and "USS Omaha".  The 'USS Omaha' stamp was obliterated on these scabbards.  This was done to prevent identification of the ship in the event they fell into enemy hands.  Later in 1945 these same knives were ordered thrown into the Phila. Harbor.  Rather than do this, a number of these outfits were retained.  

The blade on this knife measures 7 1/16".  The scabbard on this V-42 is marked with the identifying number 'S-11'.  The serviceman who carried this knife, or kept the knife instead of throwing it overboard marked his initials into the scabbard 'DMC'.  

The Case V-42 is a coveted and classic U.S. fighting knife. 

This U.S. World War II USS Omaha V-42 fighting knife is in excellent condition.  The blade has 90% of its original bluing.  The leather below the guard is in excellent condition.  The blade tip was sharpened to keep the pinpoint tip from breaking off in combat, a common occurrence on V-42's.  The serviceman also cut off the belt hanger--like a lot of the U.S. paratroopers did on the M6 scabbard.  There are very occasional, very light spots of minor patina on the blade.  Everything is perfectly tight on this knife.  The face of the snap is mashed, but the snap functions perfectly.  The scabbard is strong and solid with no problems.  

This listing represents the opportunity to add a coveted USS Omaha CASE V-42 fighting knife to your collection.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country United States
Knife model Case V-42
Type USS Omaha

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