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US/Canada WW II CASE V-42 Stiletto Fighting Knife -1st Special Service Force/V42

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1 vintage U.S./Canadian World War 2 Case V-42 stiletto.  A First Special Service Force V42 would make a centerpiece knife in any collection.

This Case V42 has the long sheath with it.  The blade on this knife measures 7 3/32".  The leather under the guard was cut away during the War by the soldier that carried this knife.

This knife is ID'd.  The back of the sheath has the soldier's serial # stenciled on it.  The serial # is kind of hard to read, but I am getting 'W-0218'.  If I am correct, I believe this is a Canadian serial #. 

There is just one tiny nick in the blade.  The blade is either its full original length, or is very close to its original length.  There is only very minor occasional pitting on the blade. 

The skull crusher pommel has patina.  The leather handle is in nice condition.  As mentioned, the soldier that carried this knife carved away the leather underneath the metal guard. 

The long scabbard is in excellent condition.

A World War 2 Case V-42 stiletto would make a rare and important addition to any collection.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country United States/Canada
Item V-42 WW2 Fighting Knife
Maker Case

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