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SATSUMA Japanese Samurai Sword -Old/Antique Katana Collection -TADPOLE CHOJI

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1 exceptional antique 1660's-1670's A.D. Japanese Samurai katana available.  This desirable Japanese antique Samurai weapon would make an important addition to any collection.

This katana has beautiful Satsuma mounts.  The saya/scabbard is red in color with black horn and scrolled mounts.  

The tang/nakago on this sword is signed.  My reading is 関善定兼__  (Seki Zenjō Kane__). The top of Kane is visible. This may possibly be Kaneyoshi (兼吉), Kanekado (兼門) or Kanetsugu (兼次).

This sword has remounted at least 4 different times from its original mounting.  There are 5 mekugi-ana in the nakago--including one hole that was partially filled.  


The blade measures 26 1/16" (66.2 cm) from blade tip to the habaki.  The habaki is beautiful, and is covered in Silver foil.  The menuki are mixed metal.  


The hamon on this sword is exceptional.  The hamon is extreme tadpole choji--very unusual, and very desirable among collectors. 

The blade has not even one tiny nick.  The blade has some staining from the just the very beginnings of oxidation that started sometime in the past.  There are no openings of any kind in the hada.  The blade is perfectly straight.  The tsuka/handle is in perfect condition.  The red lacquer on the seam of the saya has chips.  

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Specific Name Specific Value
Period ~1660's-1670's A.D.
Country Japan
Item Samurai Katana

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