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Russo-Japanese WW2 D-Guard Samurai Sword -Antique/Old WW II -SIGNED -FAMILY MON

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1 antique Japanese Samurai Sword in Russo-Japanese d-guard mounts.  This fine sword would make an important addition to any collection.

The backstrap on this sword is decorated almost all the way up to the guard.  This sword has a silver Samurai family mon.  

The blade is signed.  The blade has a sanscrit character horimono/carving.

The long blade measures 27 1/8" (68.9 cm) from the blade tip to the front edge of the habaki.

This sword is in beautiful condition.  This sword was fully restored in Japan.  When this sword was found, there was oxidation that needed addressing.  So, the saya was re-nickeled; the fittings were re-gilted; and the blade was polished.  The horimono was carved at some point in this sword's history to take care of one of the weld openings in the blade--some openings remain.  The hamon/temper line and boshi are perfectly healthy.  

This sword's restoration makes this sword look amazing.  This sword would make an unarguably impressive addition to any collection. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Period Late 1600's A.D. through World War 2
Country Japan
Type Russo-Japanese D-Guard Katana

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