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Ruana Knife - US WW II 1943 Square Cut Old/Antique WW2 Fighting Collection

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1 rare U.S. WW2 fighting knife that is missing from almost every military knife collection--because they are almost impossible to find.  This exceedingly rare Ruana fighting knife would make a holy grail addition to any military or Ruana knife collection.

This is the big Ruana fighter.  This WW2 Ruana fighter has square cut handle scales--dating this knife to 1938-1943.  This knife is also pre-stamp.  

The blade on this large WW2 Ruana combat knife measures 7 3/4" long.  This knife measures 12" overall.

The last two images in this listing are provided for reference only of these knives' WW2 history.  The reference knife is ID'd.  The reference knife was made for Captain Southard who was an officer at Fort Missoula where Rudy worked during the internment camps for the Japanese pre WWII.  The reference knife was purchased in Kansas City from the Captain's nephew.

This antique U.S. World War 2 Ruana Fighter is in excellent condition.  There are no cracks in the handle inserts--they are perfect.  A tiny chip is out of the blade tip.  The blade spine has hammer marks from use in the field.  Many Ruanas have a little 'crack' on the aluminum on the handle spine as this knife does, this is from the Ruana casting process and is not damage.  The leather sheath is in exceptional condition.  The buckle keeper strap is perfect.  

This exceptional, large WW2 Ruana fighting knife would make a rare and important addition to any collection. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country United States
Maker Ruana
Item Large 8" WW2 Fighting Knife

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