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Red Handle US Hackman CIA Knife -Sorsakoski Finland—Modern

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1 modern 'Vietnam Hackman CIA Knife' available.  Hackman of Finland sold the original molds for the Hackman CIA knife to their former employee in the Sorsakoski region of Finland.  During the next 20 years the company Pertemet Ltd updated some of the materials to better and more modern style. The blade is nowadays stainless steel. Handle material was matched better to arctic temperatures.

This knife measures 4 1/2" when closed.  The blade itself measures 3 11/16". 

This 'Vietnam Hackman CIA Knife' by Pertemet company of Finland was previously owned.  A handle crack at one of the pins next to the blade was completely repaired by melting the plastic back together there.  The blade edge was never used, and is factory perfect. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Maker Sorsakoski (Hackman)
Item Hackman CIA Knife

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