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RAREST Manchurian Mounts! MANTETSU Japanese WW2 Army Officer Sword -th

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One of the most rare Japanese military swords of World War 2--the Manchurian mounts Mantetsu.  These mounts--as well as the blade--were made in Manchuria.  Some of these Manchuria mount Mantetsu also have a rail stamp or a Manchurian Railway Co. stamp. Have one in your collection yet?  This is your chance--these don't come along often.   When considering this rare mount sword, think 'bragging rights', think 'I finally found one', think about telling your friends about it 'do you have one? ...pity, (I do).'  smile

This rare Mantetsu sword's cutting edge/nagasa is 26 1/4".  

The mounts are in perfect condition.  The blade has some flea bite nicks, and some pitting 1 1/2" back from the tip.  This sword can be polished for $1000.  I can arrange it if desired.  Lots of us dealers send swords to a guy who does an amazing polish.  



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Period World War 2
Country Japan

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