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RARE!—US WW II 1/2 DOZEN BOX WESTERN SHARK Fighting Knives -Military Contract

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1 impossible to find original 1/2 dozen box of U.S. World War 2 military knives.  This 1/2 dozen set of original Western shark fighting knives in the their original military contract box would make an exceptionally rare addition to any collection.

This set is from early in the War.  Note the box reads 'Hunting Knives'.  Early in World War 2, the U.S. didn't have enough combat knives to provide to our troops.  Knife drives were conducted back home--hunting knives, old World War I knives, etc. were donated by civilians for the War drive.  Phrasing from this early time is still reflected on the box.  The military Contract No., Order No., etc. though are printed on the box as well. 

Each knife has a 5" blade.  The guard and pommel are orange bakelite.  These knives were made for the U.S. military by Western States Cutlery in Boulder, Colorado. 

This incredibly rare 1/2 dozen box of Western shark U.S. combat knives is in unissued condition.  The box is perfect.  The handles, guards, pommels, etc. on the knives are perfect.  The factory blades have just some occasional carbon staining/patina.  The sheaths are perfect


This rarest of the rare World War II 1/2 dozen box of U.S. fighting knives is impossible to find. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country United States
Item Original 1/2 Dozen Box of U.S. Fighting Knives
Maker Western

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