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Papered Goto Fittings Wakizashi Koshirae -Shakudo & Gold Family Mon

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1 fine NTHK-NPO Goto tosogu wakizashi koshirae available.  The owner asked the shinsa group to evaluate the fuchi/kashira.  The signed fuchi/kashira were affirmed by the shinsa group to be by Goto Mitsunaga.  These tosogu are fine shakudo nanako with gold clan mon.  These are exceptional fuchi/kashira.  

The shakudo horse menuki are beautiful—these may prove to be Goto as well.  The koshirae are in such fine condition, that we found it hard to justify removing the menuki to get a look at their backs.  

This koshirae has a wood tsunagi that was fashioned after the original sword blade.  The blade measures 52.4 cm.

This koshirae is in beautiful condition.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Country Japan
Period Edo

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