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Papered Antique 1800’s AD Japanese Sword -Old Samurai -NTHK -Polished

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1 antique early 1800's A.D. Japanese ko-wakizashi available.  This fine antique Japanese sword would make an important acquisition for any collection.    


This sword was papered by the NTHK.  This mumei sword is attributed to Hosakawa Masachika.  This would be Shinshu Matsushiro-shi Masachika, working in the 1st half of the 19th century and a student of Hosokawa Masayoshi.

The blade measures 38 cm (15") from blade tip to notch in the blade spine.

This sword is mounted in new shirasaya, and has been polished.  This sword has a gold gilt habaki.

This sword is in perfect polish. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Country Japan
Period Early 1800’s A.D.

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