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MASANAGA—Japanese WW2 Samurai Army Sword -1944 Mount/Type 3 Gendai Smith w/ties to Minatogawa Shrine

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PRICE JUST LOWERED!  1 WW2 Japanese Army Officer's sword made by Masanaga available.  Masanaga's given name was Ito Kishinaga.  While making swords at the Minatogawa Shrine, Masanaga signed his swords under the name Masakiyo.  He also made Special Order swords at a nearby forge.  When making swords at this forge, called the 七生刀鍛煉道場 'Seven Lives' Forge, he signed as Masanaga.  See photo of the graphic provided by Trystan on the Nihonto Message Board on Ito Kishinaga/Masanaga/Masakiyo.  

The Minatogawa Shrine was dedicated to Kusunoku Masashige.  Before he lost his life in battle in 1336, he uttered the phrase 七生報國 'Shichishō Hōkoku'.  This means 'would that I had seven lives to give for my country'.  As mentioned above, the forge near the Minatogawa where Special Order naval or army swords were made, was referenced as the 'Seven Lives' Forge.  

This sword is dated October 1943.  The number '17' is stamped on the nakago's mune.  

This sword has two latch releases.  See photo provided from Jim Dawson's book Swords of Imperial Japan 1868-1945 Cyclopedia Editiion.  

The blade measures 26 5/16" (67.6 cm) (measured properly from the blade tip to the notch in the blade spine).

This traditionally-made gendai katana has an expertly water-tempered wavy hamon.  This Japanese WW II Army Officer's katana is in 1944 shin-gunto mounts (aka Type 3 mounts).  


The handle wrap is perfect.  The sword locks in the saya, and the lock release buttons function perfectly.  The saya is perfect.  There are some tiny specks of paint on one side--but the whole condition of this sword is such that it just blends in--the condition is so exceptional.  There are two nicks in the blade edge.  They are such that they only go 10-15% of the thickness of the hamon.  The blade will polish beautifully if desired.  But the blade is exceptional without a polish.  

The temper line and boshi are perfectly healthy.  This sword is guaranteed against fatal flaws.


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Period World War 2
Country Japan

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