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Koto Japanese Samurai Sword -Russo w/BRINGBACK PAPERS & BOX -Papered/Antique

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1 exceptional antique Japanese Samurai sword available.  The blade itself was carried by Samurai from 1469-1487 A.D. up through World War 2.  This desirable Japanese antique would make an important addition to any collection.


This sword has extraordinary history helping to make it an exceptional Japanese antique.  The sword is an old Samurai blade--remounted during the Russo-Japanese War.  

The blade is signed, and has 4 holes.  I had the sword papered by the NTHK-NPO.  The sword is papered to Echizen Fujiwara Tsuguiye.  He worked during the Bunmei period of Japan--1469-1487 A.D.  

The hamon is hard to photograph, because the blade is all scratched up.  In person, one can see a beautiful wavy hamon.  The hamon is somewhat flat and then has periodic peaks.  The quality of the blade is confirmed by the papers--and by the 20 pt. rating for Tsuguiye in Hawley's book.  

The blade measures 24 1/8" (61.3 cm) from blade tip to the habaki.  The end of the tsuka/handle has a Samurai family mon.  

This sword has its original bringback box--the box that the U.S. soldier mailed the sword back home in.  On top of the box is a paper card reading 'CERTIFICATE' attached with tacks.  Under the paper card was found the original bringback paper.  

The handle is covered in polished rayskin--a higher class handle finish.   

The sword has lots of scratches, so the hamon was difficult to photograph.  At the correct angle, under light, the hamon is nicely visible--and is beautiful!  The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy.  This sword will polish beautifully--and will look just amazing.  St. Croix Blades can arrange for polish if desired--the cost of polish will be $1,000 for this sword.
The wire on the handle is almost completely intact--the larger diameter wire on just the very last wrap is missing.  The latch mechanism is broken--the high quality latch release button is present.  The saya has wear and oxidation.    

This extraordinary Japanese Samurai antique--with its original bringback box, original bringback papers, & shinsa papers--would make an important addition to any collection. 

Specific Name Specific Value
Period 1469-1487 A.D., thru World War 2
Country Japan
Item Antique Samurai Sword
Maker Echizen Fujiwara Tsuguiye

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