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Japanese WWII Army Sword -Samurai/Gendai/Water-Temper Gendaito -FIERY Hamon -th

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1 water-tempered Japanese WW2 gendai sword available.  This fine antique Japanese sword would make an important acquisition for any collection.    


This is a special sword.  Check out the fiery temper line.


The blade measures 26 1/8" from blade tip to notch in the blade spine.  As mentioned, this is a traditionally-made gendai sword--there are no arsenal or Showa stamps on the nakago.  The nakago is not signed.  Note the carefully-made pattern of file marks up near the habaki.  


This sword was made with multiple layers of steel--as can be seen by looking carefully at the blade.

Note the mounts are higher quality with 2 wide seppa among the fittings.  The seppa and tsuba all have matching assembly numbers.  

This sword is in excellent polish—no costly polish needed.  The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy.  This is a cut above sword.  For those collectors looking for a gendai sword different from the usual, this sword offers exceptionalism.  

The temper line and boshi are perfectly healthy.  This sword is guaranteed against fatal flaws.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan

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