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Japanese WW2 Thousand Stitch Belt -TIGER Senninbari -1000 -IJA IJN Collection

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1 Japanese WW2 1000 stitch belt available.  The thousand stitch belt is called a senninbari.  

A senninbari was made of a lighter colored cloth--in this case silk--usually given by Japanese women to soldiers.  Senninbari had as many as 1000 red stitches--and usually each stitch was made by a different Japanese woman.  Senninbari were believed to protect the soldier wearing it from bullets.  

Thousand stitch belts could have either 1000 knots arranged in a grid, or could be formed into Japanese kanji--and most attractively, into the image of a tiger.  

This thousand stitch belt has the stitches formed in the image of a tiger.  Also present on this belt is an Army flag and a Navy flag.  There are also 4 Japanese kanji.  And last, 11 kanji are stamped in purple ink on the outer edge of this belt.  

This Japanese WW2 thousand stitch belt is in perfect condition.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan

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