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1 rare Japanese WW2 military sword available.  This important sword was made by Hisakatsu.  Hisakatsu was the forging instructor for the early prototype South Manchuria Railway 'SMR' logo marked swords, and for the ensuing Koa Isshin Mantetsu swords.    Very rare--a sword that helps complete the Mantetsu line of swords in one's collection.



His original name was Takeshima Masao, born February 28, 1909.  He learned swordmaking from Horii Toshihide in Zuisen Tantosho in 1926, and founded his own forging center at Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1934.  He was the winner of the Shinsaku Nihonto Daikyoshinkai Yushusho and the 1st Nihonto Denrankai Tokusen and Honorary President Award in 1935.  In the next year, he won the Ministry Award at the 2nd competition.  In 1938, he went to Manchu Railway Ltd., and directed the production of Koa Isshin Mantetsu blades.  



Note the habaki has the same numbering as on the South Manchurian Railway swords.  (See photo below).  Note too the deep red color to the fittings--the same early fittings found on the prototype SMR swords.  The sword is dated using the zodiacal dating system--like on the Koa Isshin Mantetsu blades.  



The sword is signed 'Nanjino Reito Minamoto Hisakatsu saku'.  'Nanjino Reito' means 'Your Spiritual Sword'.  


This sword measures 26 1/4" (66.7 cm) from blade tip to the notch in the blade spine.  

This sword is in exceptional condition.  It is in near-mint condition.  The blade has tiny occasional scratches, but is in exceptional polish.  

This exceptional, and rare, Japanese Army Officer's Samurai katana--made by the Forging Teacher for early prototype South Manchuria Railroad swords and Koa Isshin Mantetsu swords, would make the most rare of additions to any collection.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan
Item Army Officer's Gendaito Sword
Maker Hisakatsu

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