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HOT STAMP—WW2 Japanese Army Sword -Old/WWII Gunto -Signed w/SILVER SAMURAI MON

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1 Japanese WWII Army Officer's sword available.  This sword was made by the 1 Million Yen smith, Kanehisa.  This World War 2 Japanese sword would make an important acquisition for any collection.    

This WWII sword is signed.  This sword also has Kanehisa's hot stamp (kokuin).  
The blade measures 23 9/16" (60 cm) from the blade tip to the bottom of the notch in the habaki.  


The seppa and tsuba have the matching assembly number '0255'.  This sword has a pierced tsuba.  All fittings have a deep red patina.  The clasped hands sarute is very fine.   


This sword has a fine blue/brown Company Grade tassel (Captain, Lieutenant).  


The kabutogane (pommel fitting) has a Silver Samurai family mon.  This Tachibana orange blossom mon is identified to the Obayashi Samurai clan.  In the Nara period (708) Emperor Shomu decreed that the name tachibana be reserved for the exclusive use by the Imperial descendants of Emperor Bitatsu.

The blade has scratches and some occasional pitting.  This sword is oil-tempered as their is a Seki stamp on the nakago/tang.  The mounts are in nice condition.  The blade is perfectly straight.  The hamon/temper line and boshi are healthy.  The locking mechanism functions perfectly.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Japan

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